Coverage of Becky Martz and Her Banana Label Collection

Over time, Becky or her Banana Label Collecting have received coverage in various publications. Hopefully, you will enjoy some of these.

- In April 2012 the collection began appearing on Vedett beer bottles in Belgium. Pasted Graphic

If people scanned the label they would be sent to a larger article at

- In January 2011 an interview and pictures appeared in COLORS magazine, issue #79 about Collections.
- The Press release
- A
Blog following the article
- It can be
read with an iPad and a free app

- See the November 23, 2010 issue of for a recent interview.

- Read more in the online publication

- Hear an interview on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Radio.

- On November 13, 2007 the Columbia University News Service published a report about banana sticker collecting that can be found

- Sometimes people just like to
comment about collecting banana labels or articles they have read.

- American Profile magazine talked to Becky along with three collectors of other things in
January of 2009

- On January 19, 2010, The 1960 Sun in Houston carried an article on collections that included Becky’s banana stickers. The printed version was more colorful because it had colorful stickers printed around the article.